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South Carolina Wants To Fine People For Wearing Saggy Pants In Public

South Carolina Wants To Fine People For Wearing Saggy Pants In Public

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South Carolina legislators are mulling over a proposed law that would fine anybody caught wearing saggy pants out in public.

According to WCIV, the newly proposed bill would make it unlawful for any person to walk out in public wearing "his" pants sagging more than three inches below the "crest of his ileum" (the top of the hips), exposing any skin or undergarments.

Although violations of this proposed law would be considered a “noncriminal offense,” violators would face a hefty fine.


While first-time offenders would be subject to a fine of about $25, those caught with sagging pants more than once may be forced to pay a $50 fine, in addition to three hours of community service.

Any offenses beyond the second would subject violators to a $75 fine, six hours of community service, or both.


House Bill 4957, which was introduced on February 15, was co-sponsored by Representative Wendell Gilliard (D-Charleston).

For Gilliard, making sure HB 4957 goes into law soon is about setting the right example for children and teens.

“We have to lead by example," Gilliard said of the controversial bill. "It is necessary because it’s not getting any better.”


Gilliard actually sponsored a similar ordinance while in city council in an attempt to get younger men to “wear their pants properly."

Although others apparently thought he was “crazy” to suggest such an ordinance 10 years ago, Gilliard believes times have changed.

In fact, Gilliard thinks the saggy pants problem is now worse than ever before.


“The pants now are being worn below the knees," the former Charleston City Councilman said.

As part of his argument, Gilliard even seemed to suggest that his sagging pants agenda was part of a gender equality issue.

“If a female was to go around in the same fashion, pants down by their ankles or below the waist, we would see that as indecent exposure,” he explained.

Surprisingly enough, the bill is primarily sponsored by Democrats: Rep. Joe Jefferson (D – Berkeley), and Rep. Robert Brown (D – Charleston). Rep. Lin Bennett (R – Charleston) is also among the co-sponsors.

Gilliard also shirked any suggestion of racism in his bill, insisting that he’s seen all “creeds and races” sagging their pants in public.

This story has already caused quite a whirl on Facebook, with people from all over the country weighing in on the bill.

Mark Cravey commented: “Even tho I hate seeing this fad. The government doesnt have the right to tell me how to dress. Will they pass a law making me tuck my shirt in, or women wear dresses below their knees?”

“look I think the look is as stupid as it comes BUT seriously a law telling people how their clothes must fit???? That’s going to fix what? I mean I realize they have nothing better to fix but maybe a few ideas will help them Crime? Drug use? Just a few ideas,” Kristy Nash added.

Lisa Chester Shewmake also wrote: “Yes.. if people can't grow up and think maturely! It's just down right disgusting. I and I'm pretty sure millions of other people don't want to see people's butt or underwear ! It is not at all appealing! It really makes a person look stupid! But that is just my opinion! Not arguing just giving my opinion! Take it with a grain of salt !”